French Country Kitchens Ideas in Blue and White Colors

The traditional design of French country kitchens is popularly chosen by homeowners in this modern era. The traditional look is effective to bring vintage atmosphere to one of the living spaces at home. There are many ideas that can be applied to create a kitchen design in French country look. You can use certain colors to bring the special look of the design, such as muted greens, deep reds, rich blues, and vivid gold. For those who love blue, you can combine the colors blue and white to maximize the French country look. You can apply the colors to some parts of the kitchen including the cabinets, table and decorations.

You can start from the wall painting by choosing between blue and white colors. You can paint the kitchen walls in any shades of the two colors; all in white or blue colors. If you prefer blue as the wall color, it is better to choose soft or pale blue to prevent overpower look into the room. Otherwise, you can create the French country kitchen with solid white walls and then apply the blue shades on the other parts of the kitchen including the cabinetry, table, countertop, or the other decorations inside the kitchen.

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French Country Kitchen Cabinets

Most homes with French country kitchen have painted cabinetry. Actually, stained wood is also a common cabinet material chosen for kitchen cabinets in this style. But to be consistent in your blue and white palette, you can choose either blue or white to paint the cabinets.

To add rustic look on the cabinets, you can choose antique white to give aged look. To paint the cabinets in blue, you should choose more carefully. The antique pale blue or gray-blue are great ideas that bring the look of the old French country design. Avoid too bright blue like cobalt blue because it will bring modern look into the kitchen.

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French Country Kitchen Table

Balancing the color shades of blue and white is important to make a beautiful French country kitchen. When you have painted the cabinets in white color, you can use blue color to paint the kitchen table. You still should choose pale blue or other blue in softer shades.

The blue shade can be used to paint the surface or the feet of the table. Otherwise, choosing some chairs or stools in blue shades is also a great idea. Combine the blue with white shades for the table colors to maximize the blue and white kitchen ideas.

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French Country Kitchen D├ęcor

Give some finishing touches with the right decorations in your French country kitchens designs. You can place a shelf in one corner and full it with blue and white China dishes. On your blue wall, you can arrange decorative plates or other decorations in solid white color. You also could have some blue and white ceramic accessories to become a centerpiece of the kitchen table or in a corner of the countertop.

Besides, candlesticks, planters, or even the chandelier could also be chosen in blue and white colors. You can think everything to realize the blue and white kitchen in French country look. Remember that balanced colors is the key.

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