Eclectic Living Room: Fresh Ideas for Your Lovely Living Room

The living room becomes a place to welcome the guests who come to your home. Perhaps many people who already know the design of the living room like a rustic, minimalist, traditional, vintage, and so forth. Rustic living room aims to incorporate natural elements into a design so this theme comes with unfinished furniture like a table similar to pieces of trees. The minimalist design is typically used to cramp living room. But there is concept of a living room that is unique and not many people know the eclectic living room. This concept combines a variety of colors and furnishings to make the living room more amazing.

Design used in the living room is very different from other concepts. Another concept uses only one color theme and furnishings, but the concept is to mix a variety of models of furniture and colors. The characteristics of a living room with eclectic design are the use of color more than other concepts. The living room will have a bright color. The uses of bold colors that can make a living room look cheerful, beautiful, relaxing, wonderful and comfortable. This color also gives the impression of interest to visitors to your home.

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Eclectic Living Room Design

The small living room doesn’t have to use minimalist concept because sometimes the concept looks boring. You can use the eclectic living room design. This design will make your living room look different. The use of color might be considered some people make a small living room becomes narrower, but the assumption is not always true. You can use of colorful wall shelves, wooden floors, and beautiful sofa and chandelier in your living room. Right in front of the sofa can be a matching colored carpet squares to rack your wall. Put a small round table next to the sofa.

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Eclectic Living Room Décor

Open living room can be an alternative for a chat with the guests. Open living room can make us breathe fresh air while enjoying the garden at home. Eclectic living room décor that is unique can be your choice. Choose a sofa with the back higher. You can choose table shaped like a tree whose upper part has been leveled. Put pictorial painting classic maps to add to the uniqueness. Choose rug with a pattern typical of the middle east and is dominated by red and blue colors. Place the lamp stand with a pattern of balls on the lampposts.

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Eclectic Living Room Furniture

The living room needs suitable furniture. For eclectic living room furniture, you can choose a mix of different colors and various styles. Large sofa in gray and a small sofa with a green color can be combined and it will become gorgeous combination. Among the sofa, put the brown round table. Standing lamp with clean white color can be placed in one corner of the living room. standing lamp with a pile of logs is also very unique placed in the living room. Uniquely shaped table large suitcase could also be a large selection of furniture for your living room.

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