DIY Pillow Covers Cool Inspirations for Home Decoration

DIY pillow covers are totally fun to make because you can create the ones that are suitable with your personality and theme of your room. DIY covers for pillows will also be much cheaper rather than buying them even though the range of prices may be wide enough. It is alright to pour your own creativity because only you knowing the best about how to mix and match the pillow cover. There are some ideas that you can find, like covers for pillows with no sew, burlap covers, and covers with zipper that can be chosen based on your need and preference.

It is a bit hard to buy the right pillow covers that can actually give more accents to your interior, so it is always better to take your time just to sew them on your own. The pillowcase you have chosen should fit the look you need the most and it can then be cut in half in order to start making the decorative visuals. Three sides of it can simply be sewed shut and you may then continue to fill with batting. Do not forget to finish the remaining sides sewed up so everything is perfect and the pillow covers can immediately be used.

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DIY Throw Pillow Covers

For your throw pillows, the wrapped bows covers are totally cute and pretty and it is totally giving the pillows new life. You can use two-color combination in order to make it look better, but you are still allowed to change colors anytime. If you love art, it can be more unique when you add silhouette in black to the white pillow cover instead of using flowers or ruffles attached to the covers.

Best DIY Throw Pillow Covers DIY Throw Pillow Covers Pictures DIY Throw Pillow Covers


DIY Pillow Covers No Sew

If you do not want to sew, the plain-colored pillow covers can simply be decorated and customized as you want based on your style and taste. Like how you can have four columns and rows of little butterflies from fabrics in various colors attached on the white pillow covers. Or else, you can add buttons monogram to the plain pillow covers forming one of letters, for example the initial of your name to make it more personal.

Best DIY Pillow Covers No Sew DIY Pillow Covers No Sew Pictures DIY Pillow Covers No Sew


Burlap Pillow Covers DIY

When it comes to burlap pillow covers, it is actually lovely and you can add many decorative items to make it look pretty. If it is burlap covers for your pillow, it is great to any designs with a bit of paint, like creating a monogram. Burlap background can even be beautified when you paint or even add polka dots in gold so that the appearance won’t be too boring and unattractive to see.

Best Burlap Pillow Covers DIY Burlap Pillow Covers DIY Pictures Burlap Pillow Covers DIY


DIY Pillow Covers with Zipper

Some people will prefer pillow covers that have zipper and it means you need to prepare a 3-to-4-inch zipper that is not longer than the pillow’s bottom edge. However, you should also have bought the fabric with the patterns you like the most. But the 3 normal-sized pillow covers will usually be found when you go for a yard of fabric. To get enough fabric, pillow measurement is the main step you should do.

DIY Pillow Covers with Zipper Ideas DIY Pillow Covers with Zipper Pictures DIY Pillow Covers with Zipper


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