DIY Lego Table Easy Hints and Tips

Make your own DIY Lego table to save you from the trouble caused by the Lego. It’s a common problem faced by various household; especially those who just have a kid. Lego is one of the most popular brands for kid’s toys, their toys mostly known for being very durable and in good quality. But there is one problem remains, it is troublesome to manage and store all those Lego blocks. Parents with young kid know this problem very well, as Lego is also expensive. You do not want to lose even a block, so how do you counter this problem? The Lego box, make yourself a Lego table which can be used to play and store all those troublesome blocks.

A Lego table is a place where kids play their Lego blocks. It is made with small fences on the side to prevent the Lego block from falling. Unfortunately this convenient furniture cost a lot of money. Seeing that your kid might get a new hobby in the future, you probably do not think that buying a Lego table is a good investment. But if you want to save that trouble, how can you do it? This one is also easy, build a Lego table of your own. Making a DIY Lego table is not that difficult as you think, even a beginner can do it, and here are some useful hints.

DIY Lego Table Ideas DIY Lego Table Top DIY Lego Table


DIY Lego with Storage

Because Lego table is just a table, you can make do without the need of buying a new table, just recycled one of your old or unused one; or make one if you are confident about your carpentry skill. Make a table with shelf, buy some plastic boxes; this is a cheaper alternative to store all those Lego blocks. Also get some Lego decorations for the table; such as several pieces of crossroad toy plates. This will not take a lot of time and is extremely easy.

DIY Lego Table with Storage Design DIY Lego Table with Storage Ideas DIY Lego Table with Storage


DIY Coffee Table

If you want convenience and versatility, you can change one of your coffee tables into a Lego table, or turn your Lego table into a coffee table. If you do not have long enough table, you can always make one from pallet wood material; as it is easy to work with and cheap. The idea here is to make a place where your kid can play his Lego and make it into a living room coffee table as well; having shelf is also a good idea.

DIY Lego Coffee Table Design DIY Lego Coffee Table Ideas DIY Lego Coffee Table Pictures


DIY Under Bed Lego Table

This is a good idea if you have large enough bedroom for your kid, you can use his bed as a Lego table and a place to store Lego, make sure that his bed has enough room for at least a drawer, and make a wooden drawer with a top which you can place under his bed. Or you can make a small table which is small enough to be placed under a children bed.

DIY Under Bed Lego Table Design DIY Under Bed Lego Table Pictures DIY Under Bed Lego Table


DIY Folding Lego Table

Remember that plastic boxes before? Buy 4 or 6 of them and get some wooden planks, combine that wooden plank into foldable table top. It is pretty difficult process for a beginner, but not impossible to do. You don’t need to make the knees as you will be using those plastic boxes for it, when your kid is done playing, you can fold the foldable top and store it easily.

DIY Folding Lego Table Design DIY Folding Lego Table Ideas DIY Folding Lego Table Pictures



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