Crochet OWL Pattern for Adorable and Cute Design

Are you interested in knitting or crocheting and looking for some crochet OWL pattern recommendations that are the best? No matter you want to make it for a baby or young children, an owl is a great choice as this a cute animal and you should know that everyone cannot resist the overload cuteness of owls. As we already know that owls are animals that give us an adorable side with the big eyes that look always sleepy and the characteristic that seems wise just like we often watch from cartoons. You will have a great time when making the crochet pattern for sure.

Although some people may consider owls are scary just because they always fly through the night, when it comes to the crochet pattern, you will change your mind for sure. There are many crochet designs that you can actually make yourself, like snugly animals, appliques as well as hats and sets. When you are creative enough, there is nothing impossible with the baby clothes because it looks super cute. Even what you make can also be considered as a wall decor that can be applied for the nursery room that is innocent and sweet, so your baby must love it.

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Crochet OWL Hat Pattern

For babies, it is good if you can learn about the owl hat pattern before starting crocheting, but you should try to search for the hat pattern based on your baby’s age. There is a wide option when it comes to the pattern and design of crochet pattern, either it is for three to six months and two to three years.

The design can be made more excellent by adding the big owl eyes that will enliven the character. There is also an owl hat that for the newborns that can be added to each side with braided tails.

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Crochet OWL Pillow Pattern

It must be interesting to have crochet owl pillow to be place on the couch in your living room or on the crib. A room will look more inviting with the cute and cuddly owls that are made with unconventional colors. For you who are intermediate crochet lovers, crocheting the owl pillow pattern will make you get more excited.

Although owls are always identical with black or even gray colors, you can try different colors, like the vibrant ones that can make the room look bright as well. Look for the free pattern so you can start pouring your creativity.

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OWL Basket Crochet Pattern

Even you can try to crochet another functional thing, a crochet owl basket in which the pattern can be found easily. Many crochet projects like this one can be found for beginners, so it will only require you basic crochet skills. With a twist, the monochromatic owl basket is simply chic but helpful enough to accommodate or store anything, including clothes.

However, it will be more useful to store full-size bath towels in rolled up. This multipurpose crochet OWL pattern basket may also be a lifesaver for you who want to store your kids’ toys but do know what to do.

OWL Basket Crochet Pattern Designs Cool OWL Basket Crochet Pattern OWL Basket Crochet Pattern Ideas OWL Basket Crochet Pattern Pictures


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