Creative Coffee Table Ideas For Cool Living Room

We have thousand coffee table ideas that you can access it online. Coffee table is essential for house. It can be the focal point of your room, which attract your guests’ attention by its uniqueness. Coffee table, at the same time, must be functional as well. It is its main role in your room. When you are bored with coffee table styles offered by stores, you can create the one that is more inviting.

Coffee tables come in various styles, models, and materials. It can be modern table, or even rustic table to give you warm ambience. If you have toddler, for instance, poufs will be a great idea for your home. It provides safety yet it is still stylish to choose for home with toddlers.

New coffee table that is suitable with your style may be too costly. For homeowners who want to save money on it, you can try to make your own coffee table from left-over materials. Wash bin can be an idea. It is ideal for an outdoor living room. The wash bin as the table’s leg, and combine it wood as its top. Reclaimed door which is split into three can also be a focal point for your living room. It offers a rustic vintage coffee table.

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Modern Coffee Table Ideas

When we go for modern coffee table, we will be offered by glass, stainless steel, or plastic table for living room. One idea for modern table is aquarium coffee table. The leg is made from aquarium. Put the real fish, its plants, water, and lights for the aquarium, and use glass to cover it.

Another idea is by using log pile as the leg, and glass for its surface. Just pile the log. You can use random size of it, and simply put glass for its surface. If you are gamers, creating coffee table with functional Nintendo NES Controller can also be a great idea.

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Rustic Coffee Table Ideas

Rustic coffee table will use wood as its dominant materials. Rustic in some part, will have something to do with vintage style. Stacked pallet can be a unique material for your coffee table. You can create a table by yourself.

Just take some shipping staples, and stack two pallets to make a shabby-chic table. This will provides some rooms for magazines and books. Another idea is by using spare tire. If you have a too simple coffee table, wrap it with tire or rope. This will give unique yet rustic touch for the table.

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Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Besides the coffee table, the decoration you put on it can be the focal point as well. There are some ideas to try, today. If you want a simple decoration, just put flowers in plain glass cylinder. Orange or red flowers are great for plain-painted walls, sofa, and rugs.

Choose bright colors of flowers to give contrast. If you have favorite collection, put them on your table. This can be another alternative to decorate the table. To give another eye-catching element, put lantern on your table. Choose the same color scheme with the whole room, for the coffee table ideas.

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