Crate Coffee Table for a Fun Living Room Design

Redecorating a living room is simple, even with the crate coffee table that looks rustic and traditional but it seems elegant and attractive. Many people choose to do the coffee table made of crates in a do-it-yourself project because it is simple enough to construct if you have the skill. Once you have the wine boxes, you can start sanding the edges even to round the corners. If you do not think sharp edges will be good, you do not have to make it if there are little children in your home to protect them when they are playing in the living room.

The wood or plywood crates can be painted or stained and when doing this, you can use your paint brush and foam brush. When the paint or stain is dry completely, focus on the caster wheels because you need to screw them to the bottom of the plywood or wood crates. When you are done with the four crates, put them together and drill them. When you have finished fastening the crates, connect them with a few screws so it comes out more stable. It is more convenient when the table is not only good in look but it is sturdy for the daily use.

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Wine Crate Coffee Table

When you think about the wine crate for your living room’s coffee table, you need to consider collecting the things you can use later. If you are thinking of using wine crates, you should prepare four crates along with other equipment, like can of wood stain, rolling wheels, heavy duty plywood, bolts, paint brush and caster bolts to make your work much easier.

If the paint color is always brown, you can choose another different color, like turquoise while stay keeping the color of wood natural. Or, choose the color based on your mood instead.

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Apple Crate Coffee Table

Actually, you do not have to make the table yourself as there are so many options of commercial alternatives, but you may do agree that the commercial ones must be pricier. If you have the skill to make your own coffee table from the apple crates, it is the way you should save some money.

To complete the apple crates coffee table project, it will require less or more than three hours. Believe it or not, you do not have to work on the table for hours and even a day as long as you shop the right things to help you.

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Crate and Barrel Coffee Table

Coffee table with crate and barrel is available in many options and if you can find the coffee table from crates in square shape, the coffee table from crate and barrel that can come in an open tube will be fresher.

Choose the size that can really be suitable in your living room. If you have a small space, it is not suggested to use a big-size coffee table. But if you have enough space for a big crate coffee table, let the large coffee table to be the statement and central focal point that looks inviting and attractive.

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