Cool Macrame Plant Hanger Ideas for Your Sweet Home

Macrame Plant Hanger is one technique to decorate your living space. If you have knowledge in these techniques, you can create your own home decorative items and also accessories. You can make your own curtains, wall hangings, jackets, bracelets, belts, and of course plant hanger that will be interesting for homes.

If you like gardening, try to give another touch to the plants. Hang your flowers and orchids, and decorate it with attractive macrame techniques. Hanging garden is great for those who do not have much space to place all the plants. Small pots with colorful hanger will be attractive for your house.

There are some varieties of materials. You can use rope, leather, cording, brass fittings, and also t-shirts. Your old t-shirts are still useful for this kind of craft. Choose the materials that suits with the style of house you have, and create the patterns you like. If you are beginners, there are various tutorials you can find online to guide you. Though it is simple, but it is still attractive. Master the techniques and try to combine the crafts with other materials like wooden beads.

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Macrame Plant Hanger Knots

The types of knotting the rope and cords are various today. You can choose the simple one like today’s design, where you can just hand the rope around the pot, or you also can try something that is more challenging, making hanger knots like what we find in 70s. The knots are the decorative parts of the hanger.

One idea to try is using plain color of rope, and color the tip of the knots with various colors. You may also use colorful rope to create one creative plan hanger. See the step-by-step instructions online, if you do not know how to start.

Best Macrame Plant Hanger Knots Macrame Plant Hanger Knots Pictures Macrame Plant Hanger Knots Ideas Macrame Plant Hanger Knots Photos


Macrame Plant Hanger Neon

Neon hanger for plant hanger is great choice for those who have plain color of house but do not have ideas to make it colorful. The plant hanger can be the focal point of the decoration of house. If you want to ask your children to make the hanger with you, this trick may attract them to join. The colors are great to give pop colors of house.

Choose kid-friendly design and pattern, and enjoy your time making Macrame plant hanger together. Neon color will give contrast to your pale walls, window, or decorations. Simple patterns, combined with attractive rope with neon color will make it outstanding.

Best Macrame Plant Hanger Neon Macrame Plant Hanger Neon Pictures Macrame Plant Hanger Neon Ideas Macrame Plant Hanger Neon Photos


Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern

There are so many patterns to choose. One interesting pattern is carousel pattern. This pattern gives you multiple stranded design and textures of the hanger. It is pretty hard to follow for beginners. Another idea is creating plant hanger with two tires. It saves place, since this hanger can accommodate more than one plants in one space.

Choose stronger rope for this idea. Twine patterns is the simplest macrame plant hanger patterns we have. This is ideal for lightweight plants. You can use it for moderate weight of plants as well. There are also patterns that are aimed for children. Try that, and enjoy crafting with children.

Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern Pictures Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern Ideas Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern Photos Macrame Plant Hanger Pattern


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