Clay Pot People Makes Your Garden Looks More Beautiful

You can do many things to make your house looks more attractive and beautiful. One of the best ways to decorate your house is by using plants. There are various types of plants that you can grow in your house. You can grow flowers or other plants in your garden. If you have limited space, you can grow flowers and other plants in clay pot. You also can use clay pot to create clay pot people so that your plants look more attractive. This outdoor decoration is also considered as a good choice for those of you who want to decorate the outdoor parts of your house as well.

The clay pot is available in various choices of size. These days, you even can find various shapes of clay pot as well. Arranging the clay pot on your patio or backyard can make your house looks more attractive. If you want to get better results, you can create clay pot people that can be placed on patio or on your garden. To create this type decoration, you might need several clay pots in various sizes. You also need to create the pattern as well so that you can create this decoration easily. This type of decoration can be made easily without requiring you to spend too much budget.

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Clay Pot People Patterns

This type of decoration is made by arranging several clay pots so that they shape a human-like form. To create figures using clay pots, the first thing that you should do is creating the pattern. If you can’t create the pattern, you can find clay pot people patterns on several websites easily these days. You can use these patterns as your guide in creating the figures using the clay pots. These patterns work like pattern for clothes. You just need to follow the pattern and you will be able to create figures from clay pot.

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Clay Pot People Faces

The figures that are made by using clay pot have similar shape with the figures of human. Once you’ve done creating the figures, the next thing that you should do is creating clay pot people faces so that the figures have more attractive appearance. To draw the face, you can use water resistant paint or markers. You can create various types of face with various expressions. Use your creativity to create the face and you might come with more ideas.

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Clay Pot People Football

You also can use various accessories to make these figures look like real people. If you like football, you can create football jersey using plastic wrap and put the jersey on the figures. Besides clay pot people football, you also can make fake moustache or fake sunglasses as accessories for these figures. These accessories can be made from various materials that can be found easily in your home. By creating various characters, these figures will be more attractive and your garden will look more awesome.

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Clay Pot People Crafts

When you can create figures using clay pots in quite large number, you not only can use the figures to decorate your garden but you also can sell them as well. Creating clay pot people crafts might help you to get extra income. If you can create high quality decoration using the clay pots, people might be interested with your craft and they might buy it. Selling the crafts that are made of clay pot can be good financial solution for you and your family.

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