Adorable Designs and Ideas for DIY Jewelry Holder

Are you currently drooling over your jewelry and thinking about getting them some special place to hold? Well, you can always try to makeDIY jewelry holder, for goodness sake. The jewelry holder will surely keep your jewelry neat and tidy, and anti-rustic. It will make you easier to find them in the middle of your rush hour, but you still need them right away. Besides, jewelry holder can also be your accessories slash decoration in your bedroom. If you are not interested with those sold in the stores, make it more personal by giving your own touch and see how that works.

There are some types or shapes for DIY jewelry holder. Each of them has its own characteristics and benefits. If you fancy to modify them, you are always welcome. The DIY jewelry holder is meant to place jewelry when a box is not able to handle them anymore. The holder will surely make an effective place for your jewelry to rely on. Spare your time on the weekend to create some of these beauties and start to see them as one of your prior, in just one particular week. Prepare the material and see how they will fit into your schedule and hobby at the same time.

DIY Jewelry Holder Frame DIY Jewelry Holder Knobs DIY Jewelry Holder Picture Frame DIY Jewelry Holder


DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

As you may have read from the concept (on the title), you may as well imagine this as one of your decorations that beautify the walls of your bedroom. This is actually not too difficult to make. All you need is a secondhand picture frame, nails, and hammer.

Let the picture frame open and have some nail along the line, on the picture frame. For the color contrast, you can repaint the picture frame just the way you want. Who know that making DIY picture frame jewelry holder can be this cheap and simple?

Cool DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder Designs DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder Pictures DIY Picture Frame Jewelry Holder


DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board

Besides using picture frame, you can also make jewelry holder out of cork board. The surface of cork board enables you to hang more jewelry than a picture frame does. They are usually available in so many patterns, too.

All you need to make one DIY jewelry holder cork board is cork board, nails, and some decorations if needed. It will all depend on how you want to make it look like. It will be better to have them in contrasts, highlighting your jewelry inside.

Cool DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board Ideas DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board Pictures DIY Jewelry Holder Cork Board


DIY Tree Jewelry Holder

Another concept that is very worthy to try is tree. This DIY tree jewelry holder might need a little effort to do. But the result will make you stunned. This beautiful jewelry holder can be tried to make by using some materials such as wire, tissue paper, glue, and some paint if necessary.

The wire will be functioned as the tree trunk and also the twigs. Paper can be used to cover the entire wire. After that, try to paint it just the way you like it. Make sure to make the trunk steady for the jewelry to hold onto. This DIY jewelry holder is indeed one of a kind.

Cool DIY Tree Jewelry Holder DIY Tree Jewelry Holder Designs DIY Tree Jewelry Holder Pictures DIY Tree Jewelry Holder9


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